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Why dream?

ImageI like to dream. Whether it be the really huge dreams such as ending the global slave trade, or smaller dreams like going to Dublin for St Paddy’s. Dreams are as unique as the people who dream them. I love hearing other people’s dreams and how those dreams are becoming their reality.

Take my friend Rachel for example. Like me, she wants to see an end to slavery. The latest figures suggest there are 29 million slaves in the world today. So what’s she doing about it? In between studying Maths at Durham University, along with her housemate she has started DUSTOPS-Durham University Stop the Trafficking of People Society. They aim to raise awareness and finances for this ever growing issue. Rachel is doing what she can do right now to make her dream come true.

Near the beginning of last year I wrote a list of 100 dreams I want to see come true before I die. Looking back over 2013 I have already seen some of those dreams come true. I got 2 dream jobs in Belfast. The first, teaching literacy to underachievers in North Belfast. To get a teaching job at the moment is huge! And to get one in Belfast was especially amazing for me! The second job is at my home church, Willowfield Parish, as the Young Adults and Discipleship Pastor. I couldn’t have created two more exciting jobs for myself. This was undoubtedly a God thing.

I believe our dreams reflect something of God in us. He is the ultimate dream maker, and uses our dreams to point others to Him. I had to wrestle a lot with trusting God as I kept applying to jobs, going to interviews and receiving rejection letters. But as I leaned on Him, He used my experiences to grow me and then in perfect timing blessed me with these 2 great jobs.

Whilst I managed to tick off a few of my dreams, I realise there were many that had become dormant. I look at some of my biggest dreams and realise I’m doing very little to achieve those dreams. We can get so caught up in our day to day living that we forget about the things we actually want to do. That’s what this blog is about.

Recently I’ve had numerous people tell me I should start a blog. Whilst this is something I’ve often thought about doing, I was always rather hesitant about joining the bandwagon of pure cheese. But I’ve decided to embrace the cheese-I do quite like cheese, especially Brie. My hope is that somewhere in the middle of the cheese and my fumbling around for words, something will resonate with you and spark your dreams into reality. I know my own dreams could do with the extra fuel! So here’s to 2014 and to making our dreams come true…